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Drug Treatment For Excessive Sweating – Can They Help You and Are They Safe?

What good heroin withdrawal symptoms treatments are available for excessive sweating? Which ones work and what are the alternatives? Find out more in this article.


I am quite sure that you have already gone this road but if you haven’t then you should at least first try clinical strength antiperspirants to deal with your excessive sweating problem.

Drugs are not normally prescribed until a few other methods have been tried. The reason is because they can have some side effects. You see, drugs have never been developed specifically for sweating but instead the drugs that are used were originally intended for other illnesses.


Really, these are the only drugs that are prescribed for serious cases of excessive sweating. The most popular one is called glycopyrrolate.

These drugs work by stopping all the secretions in the body. I’m not talking here about just your sweat but also your tears and many internal bodily secretions.

Unfortunately, your body needs these secretions so you can expect side effects. The mild ones are simply a constant dry mouth, constipation and dizziness. The much worse ones include high temperature and may require a hospital visit.

Who Should Take Them?

Only people who have sweating all over their body should even consider these drugs. This is because they are not targeted and they will reduce sweating everywhere. If you only have underarm sweat then they may help your underarms but the rest of your body will lose the ability to cool efficiently which can be dangerous.

What Are The Alternatives?

You know, you don’t need to resort to drugs and clinical products. There are actually a number of natural ways to cure excessive sweating.

Did you know that excessive sweating is only a recent problem. 50 years ago, it barely existed. There are therefore a number of ways to change your diet and your lifestyle to bring your sweating back to normal levels. What’s more, these types of natural treatments are permanent and you don’t need to persist with any special techniques for the rest of your life.


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