Everything You Wanted to Know About Banksy Canvas Art and the Artist

February 15, 2023 By admin

Everything You Wanted to Know About Banksy Canvas Art and the Artist

It is believed that Banksy began his career as a graffiti artist way back during the 1980s. Since then, there has been no looking back for this highly talented artist. All of his works are extremely amusing and it is almost as though he exudes his own personality via his works. banksy canvas art is symbolic of society as a whole, its politics and corruption, hypocrisy, culture as well as ethical aspects. Therefore, he plays the part of making paintings to show the satirical side of society. His main method of art is through usage of stencils. His quality of stencil work is so superb and of such high quality that all of his paintings are revered throughout the world. It is almost as though he took up painting as a career to create art. Unlike so many other artists who are always looking for an interview or publicity, Banksy lets his paintings do all the talking. He does not have exhibitions in galleries or sell any of his graffiti works.

His foray into art
The works of several noted local artists such as Tes and Kato heavily influenced Banksy. These influences can be seen even today in some of the Banksy canvas art. The underground movement in Bristol was almost like a mini-revolution of sorts. Banksy interned under the tutelage of noted artists like Tes and Kato. It was between 1992 and 1994 that he drew freehand and trained under these artists. Subsequently, Banksy made huge graffiti works on the walls of London, just alongside works from Inkie. Incidentally, Inkie was a highly reputed graffiti artist and was considered a legend of sorts. Several noted that Banksy canvas art works include that of ‘walls on fire’, which was followed by a long event during the weekend, that celebrated the genius of Banksy and other local artists across Ohio and UK.

Stencil techniques
One of the most prominent features about any Banksy canvas art is that stencil techniques have been used. Using stencils expedited his works and this was what made Banksy choose this mode of drawing. However, the stencil techniques used by him are unique compared to other artists. The combination of funny images and striking slogans make any Banksy canvas art truly unique and attractive.

No boundaries
When it comes to being different and showing true versatility as an artist, Banksy has outshined all his contemporaries. Every piece of Banksy canvas art is reminiscent of unique, challenging artwork. He has even used animals as his media for his paintings. His usage of bold colours, attractive slogans and bright imagery has transformed his works into revolutionary pieces. In short, when it comes to groundbreaking art, spectacular images and powerful messages as well as reflection of social life, Banksy canvas art outshines other art forms.


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