Google AdWords Campaign – Your Google AdWords Questions Answered

March 24, 2023 By admin

Google AdWords Campaign – Your Google AdWords Questions Answered

A Google AdWords campaign is arguably the best way to get immediate, highly targeted traffic to your website. In order to use it effectively, and more importantly not waste a lot of money, you must take some time learning some effective methods. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Google AdWords. These are fundamental questions and you can apply them to any pay per click advertising network, not just Google.

What Is The Purpose Of Pay Per Click Ads?

The only purpose of an ad is to get clicks. Your ad should only be set up to get clicks to your website. Let your sales page do the rest as that’s what you’ve spent a huge amount of time (or money) creating. An ad is just a lead generation method, to get people to your website. You website does the rest, leading the user to your sales page and ultimately to a sale.

What Size Advertising Budget Should I Have?

When you start any google certified educator exam answers AdWords campaign, your daily budget should be start off very low. It’s up to you how low you are comfortable with, but you must be comfortable with the amount. Your only purpose at this stage is to split test your ads and optin or landing pages. The best tool to use for split testing is Google website optimizer, and it will tell you when you have enough results for your split tests.

How Long Should I Run My Ads For?

You should initially only use AdWords until you’ve gathered enough information from your split testing. Once you’ve got that information then you should stop. Read on to find out why.

How Do I Know I Won’t Waste All My Money?

You won’t waste all your money because you’re going to stop when you’ve gathered enough information from your split tests. Now you want to recover that money by driving as much free targeted website traffic as possible. You already know your conversion figures and they shouldn’t change if you’re driving the same type of traffic as when you were running your campaign.

Are There Any Systems I Can Use?

Yes and the most simple are the best. Start out with what I’ve already mentioned. Split test using AdWords, then drive free traffic. When you’ve recovered your initial costs through sales then start using AdWords again with a slightly higher daily budget. Then rinse and repeat. If you’re making money just by using AdWords alone, and already have good conversion figures then great. Just keep using AdWords, but always just increase your daily amount gradually, recovering costs as you go along. You will stay in the game much longer that way and can safely scale up over time.


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