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Help With How to Airbrush Makeup

This new tutorial is geared towards beginners, but more experienced users can still get great tips and tricks from watching the YouTube video as well. Makeup artists Candice takes us through her daily makeup routine to show how simple and effective airbrushing can be.

After pulling back her body art paint hair and applying some moisturizer, Candice starts with her foundation-she uses Honey Beige foundations, and puts only six drops in the airbrush-six to ten is enough for complete coverage-a little goes a long way with airbrushing.

For help with matching foundation to your skin tone, Candice recommends calling makeup consultants for help. The ‘How to Airbrush Makeup’ tutorial continues with the foundation being applied in smooth, circular passes over the face, one continual motion. For the entire face, Candice stays around 6 inches away from the face.

For concealing under eye or blemish spots, she goes to around 2 inches for better coverage of problem areas. In the video, Candice warns against pulling back on the power level all the way-this will create an intense stream of makeup and make ‘hot spots’ of concentrated foundation.

Candice says that if you’re not sure about using the airbrush, try it out without makeup in first, just to get the feeling of the air-where you feel the air on the skin, that’s where the makeup will be applied. Candice also airbrushed her neck and ears in the same looping motion in order to get seamless coverage.

Next in the airbrushing video, Candice mixes a couple of drops of ‘Nutmeg’ shade foundation with her Honey Beige to create a light bronzer-she applies this all over her face and dĂ©colletage for a warm bronzed look. Using the same mixed shade, Candice them demonstrates light contouring.

She uses the airbrush 4 inches from the face and gently applies the color under the jaw line, along the temples and under the cheek bones. For slimming the nose, or correcting a bend, she says that contouring can be done on one, or both sides of the nose as well. With 3 to 4 drops of Bronze Rose blush, Candice applies the color to the apples of her cheeks and back to her ear at a 4 inch range from the face.

Candice also demonstrates applying eye makeup with an airbrush in the video. She says that light pinks and light bronzes are good to start with as they are more forgiving. Holding the airbrush 2 inches from the eye lid, she sweeps the color across the eye, concentrating it a little in the crease.

She also uses an eye shadow shield to help control overspray. Lastly she puts 1-2 drops of Moist & Dewy Moisturizer into the airbrush and goes over the face and neck in circular motions to help set and moisturize the face makeup.



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