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How to Tell Gourmet Coffee From Regular Coffee

Have you ever wondered as to what gourmet coffee really is?

Now the word “gourmet” in gourmet coffee should have given you the idea there is something premium or elite about it and that’s what gourmet coffee really is!

Gourmet specialty coffee is made out of high quality Arabica beans and is recommended to be consumed within 72 hours of being roasted so that its original flavor may not be lost. This is a world apart from your frozen instant specialty coffee that you can get at your local Seven eleven.

One of the most prominent and defining difference between premium Gourmet specialty Coffee and regular coffee is that while gourmet specialty coffee is made out of Arabica beans, Instant or regular coffee is usually made out of the lower quality and cheaply available Robusta beans. Robusta beans have a quicker cycle of production and are thus available cheaper and more readily than Arabica.

Coffee makers often times choose the cheaper Robusta beans to make their coffee often compromising on the quality of their products. Often they will use a mix of Robusta and Arabica beans to make the coffee taste better.

However if you really want to get Gourmet Coffee then you are better of trying 100% Arabica brews, I dare say you will be left spellbound by its aroma and flavor!

When hunting for the right gourmet coffee it will be wise to consider some important questions which can hint at the intentions of the seller. For instance does the seller provide all the information such as the date of packaging, kind of beans used (Arabica or Robusta), whether they are selling grounded coffee or whole beans? Etc. Also be sure to check out the forums they can provide all the information you will ever need.

Companies such as Folgers, Good scents, Sumatra Mandheling, and Blue Mountain Jamaica are known to produce good quality Gourmet coffee and can be a good place to start your search for the true Gourmet experience.



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