iPod and iPhone Recycling For Cash

March 3, 2023 By admin

iPod and iPhone Recycling For Cash

New iPods and iPhones are being pumped into the mobile phone and portable music player market every year. Even the games market is beginning to see iPhones as serious contenders. Because every year or so a new model with improved features comes out, people want the latest one and are even willing to cue in long lines in the cold to get there first.

So what happens to the old gadgets? If they are still working they may be auctioned online or sold to friends, family or contacts for a decent price. It can be tricky to find a buyer for an old MP3 / MP4 player such as what Apple offers. To keep a shiny gadget scratch free and fully working after a years use requires great care. To be able to sell it as in ‘mint condition’ is difficult to achieve, that is unless it is hardly used. At the other end of the 2nd hand condition spectrum are the cracked, dented, scratched and completely trade in ipad pro 12.9 2nd gen and iPhones. Some happy-turned-sad users will simply buy a new one or attempt a repair. Some are so damaged they cannot be fixed and these are increasing in number creating a gadget waste and environmental issue.

Fortunately there are specialist companies that provide iPhone and iPod recycling services. They can recycle old, unused and damaged iPods and pay cash for them. Because these gadgets have valuable and reusable parts inside they can be refurbished and reused or can be properly recycled by breaking down the individual components and melting them down and selling them on or disposing of them correctly to lessen the environmental impact.

To sell iPods and iPhones for recycling simply visit one of the specialist websites and type the model number or find the correct one from a list. They will give an instant quote on how much a specific model is worth and how much they will pay for it. They accept broken, non-working, faulty models, these can fetch up to 90% of working value.

Instead of letting an old iPod rot away and lose value while a new one gets all the attention, why not recycle it. Recycling the parts of an old iPod mean that new ones don’t need manufacturing which saves energy and in turn cuts carbon dioxide production. The Internet has enabled anyone with the incline to do green things to help the environment while also making a healthy amount of money while doing it.



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