Oil Painting Versus Printed Photograph

March 4, 2023 By admin

Oil Painting Versus Printed Photograph

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for your wife on her birthday? Are you having a tough time choosing between an oil painting and a large printed photograph? Well, then here I am to help you out in the decision making process…

A portrait painting essentially depicts the visual appearance of the subject which can either be a human being, animal or any other inanimate object. Hand painting is usually the most preferred one as you have the liberty to choose the composition, mood of the portrait, lighting preferences, clothing and feature modifications, background changes and even the color scheme of the setting where the portrait painting will be displayed.

A hand painting provides you with an opportunity to be creative, thus requiring lot of skill, time and dedication. You can provide wings to your imagination and make your fat hubby look slimmer or his grey hair look darker. The ultimate end product will turn out to be beautiful and tailor made to your requirements. Paintings are precious not only because of the money factor but also because of the emotions they evoke as a result of their hand made nature.

Is your wife fond of a well designed home and you are looking forward to decorating your drawing room on her birthday? An oil painting is more likely to beautify your home and impress the guests than a printed photograph. Paintings paint our life with vibrant and dynamic colors and thus spread joy all around. An oil painting has true depth and an unmatched style in comparison to a printed photograph. They are highly dramatic, impressive and valuable.

Another wonderful aspect of oil paintings from pictures is that they last long. They just need to be stored properly in an environment which has low humidity and moderate temperature so that they can last for centuries together. Paintings are indeed fantastic investments as they can be passed on from generation to generation. Unlike prints which deteriorate easily and get yellow with time, oil paintings are more durable and last indefinitely.

With paintings you have the option of keeping them without frame but a print photograph needs to framed. Frames are often used to complete the art look, however, these days you can opt for a painting with or without frames. If the sides of the painting are matched with the background it generally gives a complete look. A painting without frame looks very impressive and is a great example of timeless beauty and design to a bare space.



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