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Three Green Fundraising Ideas That Will Help You Raise Money Easily

Setting up green fundraisers is one of the best ways that you can raise money and raise awareness about caring for the planet. With these type of fundraisers, you get the opportunity to help both your organization or group and the planet as well. I will be presenting you with some good green fundraisers that you can employ to raise money and awareness.

Doing A Cleanup Fundraiser

This is a very environmentally friendly PTA fundraiser ideas that will help you care for the planet while earning funds at the same time. In here, you need to gather up the members of your community for one cause and that is to cleanup your area. In here, you participants will need to solicit some pledges different members of the community. These pledges are linked with a certain goal that needs to be achieved such as the quantity of pounds of trash collected or the amount of road miles cleaned of debris. You are going to need to create a one-page overview of the cleanup program and a pledge signup sheet.

This works best if the overview that you will prepare specifies a suggested range for donations, say anywhere from a penny to a dime per pound for a large project. An amazing amount of garbage is usually collected from a neighborhood stream or an illegal dumping site, so it is not always a bad idea to also put a maximum limit on a pledge amount of say, thirty dollars.

Raising Funds From Ink Cartridges

Recycling printer cartridges and old mobile phones is yet another way that your group can raise income on a year-round basis. Keeping the plastic parts and the toner/ink residue out of one’s neighborhood landfill may perhaps not seem like significantly, but Americans dispose of far more than 100 million laser printer or inkjet cartridges every year. It is uncomplicated to set your organization up.

Collection boxes are basically given out for free. Another good thing about them is that they placed with labels before they are sent out. These labels will include your group’s name, address, and account number are included on labels. Your group places trash bins boxes at nearby businesses and other convenient locations for instance at retailers that sell new printer cartridges. Several times a individual buying a new cartridge brings in the old a person to ensure a perfect match. Every single time a box is full, you call UPS and arrange for the box to be picked up. Then you replace it and start the process all over once again.

Organic Candy Fundraiser

A very excellent environmentally product that you can sell out is Newman’s Own Organics chocolate bars and chocolate cups. These delicious 1.2 ounce chocolate bars come in six unique and tasty flavors that a lot of people will surely enjoy. On every single one dollar candy bar, your group earns a minimum 55 percent profit margin, compared towards the usual 45-50% provided elsewhere. Additionally, 35 percent of the profits generated for CrunchTime by your fundraiser will probably be employed to “adopt” tropical rainforest acreage in your group’s name. It’s just one particular much more instance of how Newman’s Personal has brought good high quality to other consumer goods like spaghetti sauce and popcorn.



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