Wallet Bags – A Friend to Bankers, Street Vendors, and Small Businesses Everywhere

May 9, 2023 By admin

Wallet Bags – A Friend to Bankers, Street Vendors, and Small Businesses Everywhere

Storage of money for businesses and consumers is important however traditional methods are not always practical. Sometimes people just need an easy way to store paper and metal money when security is not much of an issue. For this purpose, a wallet bag is a perfect solution. Many people may have seen dozens of double zipper wallet bags in their lifetime however may have not known what to call it and businesses or consumers alike can benefit from its convenience, versatility and cheap price tag.

What is a wallet bag?

This item is a simple pouch usually made of leather, leather like material or fabric. Many designs are plain however some have designs or pictures of popular characters on them. Other models may have straps so that they can be worn over the user’s shoulder. They usually have a zipper to keep them closed and a general size is about 5 or 6 inches by 11 or 12 inches.

These bags are commonly used to easily store paper and/or metal money as well as a variety of other items. Businesses may use them to keep petty cash organized in a drawer or file cabinet, street vendors utilize wallet bags instead of cash registers such as those running hot dog stands or other mobile businesses. Wallet bags are also a common fixture in the banking industry which uses the common zippered wallet pouch as well as heavy duty canvas locking bags for the transport of larger sums of cash. Consumers can use them for the same types of purposes and many consumer models resemble purses or carrying bags with multiple pockets.

MMF Industries is a popular manufacturer of bags, among other items, and is a leader in security, organization and storage related products. The company sells a variety of small to large bags in vinyl, leather, canvas and nylon. Bags start at a few dollars for a small basic version and go up from there. They come in many different colors such as blue, black, and even clear plastic varieties. A full catalog of the company’s products can be viewed at the mmfind web site.

Now you know the name of those small zippered pouches that you see at the bank, at the street vendor or at the ticket table of a local high school football game.



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