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Wear Blue to Support Men’s Health Month

A Very Special Month for Men’s Health

There are many factors that can contribute to negatively affecting men’s health. Men are much more likely to take on unhealthy and dangerous habits like smoking and drinking. Studies show they generally lead less healthy lifestyles compared to their female counterparts and imbalanced food habits and irregular (or no proper) exercise also puts their health and body at risk. Besides, they usually put off routine checkups as they are more concerned with taking care of their family and often tend to neglect their own health (even if they notice a symptom). The most common diseases that affect men are heart disease, prostate, testicular, and colon cancers which can be prevented if diagnosed early. So it is crucial that men learn more about the risk factors, warning signs and how to keep fit.

June is designated as men’s health Month (with this year’s Men’s Health Week running from June 12-18) mainly to create awareness of preventable health problems, and highlight the huge importance of early detection and treatment. It also aims to encourage health organizations around the world to develop adequate health policies to cater to the needs of men.

Wear Blue to Show Your Support

Colors are an integral part of our clothes, art, pop culture – they are in all aspects of our lives. It’s funny how they have power over our moods, emotions and imagination. Color is also a powerful communication tool. A curious fact is that blue is the world’s (and the Internet’s) most favorite color and also the recognized awareness color of Men’s Health Week. It is the color of trustworthy, dependable, and committed people. Did you know some of these fun facts?


  • It is the color of nature, the color of the sky and sea. It has a calming effect and symbolizes peace, loyalty and trust.
  • It has a Biblical meaning, representing heavenly grace. The Virgin Mary is often portrayed with a blue mantle (“the color of an empress”).
  • The Indian divinity, Lord Krishna, is depicted with blue skin.
  • Researches reveal that people solve their creative problems in blue rooms and weight-lifters “feel stronger” in blue gyms (the color can help you stay physically calmer).
  • It is the most preferred color for toothbrushes.

Spread Awareness


Health organizations and charities conduct campaigns, runs and concerts to raise funds for medical research and effective treatments. Join any of these events with your team, collect as many donations as possible and send them to a charity.

Plan a “wear blue day” at the office to spread the word. Since it is the official color of the campaign, fix any day in June and encourage your family members, colleagues and friends to wear blue clothes and accessories to show your support.

Invite all your friends and neighbors for a get-to-gather and bake a blue cake in support of Men’s Health Week. Surprise the male attendees with a fitness book containing the best workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and maintain good health.

Think about what living with a serious disorder might mean to you, your child or your whole family. The main goal of this campaign is to provide valuable information and make everyone understand the risks involved. Organizations and volunteers all work hand in hand for scaling up better treatment options. Host an event in your community to promote healthy activities tailored to the needs of both boys and men.

A guarantee for success is giving out items like customized stickers, buttons, t-shirts or silicone wristbands – all designed in blue. The point is to get people to start recognizing and representing your cause. As they have an extraordinary impact on modern generation, awareness wristbands personalized with catchy messages are the best way to get the word out there. These awesome high-quality accessories come in a wide variety of stunning colors, fonts, sizes and the different amazing message styles include debossed, ink filled debossed, embossed, color filled emboss, screen printed – the possibilities are truly endless.



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