Wonderful Trekking and Mountaineering Destination

February 24, 2023 By admin

Wonderful Trekking and Mountaineering Destination

one of the famous audacious tourist destinations among trekkers and mountaineers. Nepal is the best place for enjoying trekking, rock climbing, peak climbing, mountaineering, rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. One can enjoy all kind of adventure sports here. It is open play ground for adventure sports lovers.

Nepal Peak Climbing is famous throughout the world. One will be bewildered to know that among14 highest mountain peaks in world, 8 are in Nepal. Being home to such a large number of high peaks, Nepal is most sought after trekking and mountaineering destination. Climbing Himalaya is a dream for most of the adventure enthusiast. Come and climb the lofty peaks of Dhaulagiri, Pumori, Manaslu, Makalu, Best Time To Hike Mt Everest Base Camp and many other high peaks.

Trekkers and mountaineers love to explore the isolated world for their passion to conquer everything. Mountaineering and trekking can really be a lifetime experience in these Himalayan Regions. With the help of trained guide you can organize a full scale Himalayan Trekking tour. During trekking you can also enjoy sight seeing of beautiful sites like Lumbini, Pashupatinath, Muktinath, etc. The mountains look very beautiful when are covered with silvery-snow. You can also enjoy lushly green natural beauty, exotic wildlife and colorful culture of mountain dwellers en route of trekking.

If you want to make your Adventure tour safe and secure then undertake the daring activity of mountaineering and trekking under the guidance of any Trekking Agency Nepal. The guides of the agency are trained and are expert in such activities and will help you enjoy these daring games safely and securely.

They have year long experience. They will inform you about the necessary measures to be taken while climbing and trekking. They are aware of the possible danger and will guide you accordingly. They take intensive safety measures to make your adventure trip safe. In this way they will help you enjoy the most from Peak Climbing Nepal. They will also take you to all such places which are interesting and adventurous.

It is worth informing that undertake the daring exercise according to capacity. If you do not have strong physical stamina, do not proceed to excessively high peaks. You may be caught in trouble. Opportunities are available for all kind of people. If you weak and are old aged, enjoy trekking at lower altitude.

Along with trekking and mountain climbing, you can also take an eco-tour. Mountain ranges of Nepal are very rich in flora and fauna. You will cross many wildlife sanctuaries in various routes. Spend some time there to see mountain animals playing in their natural habitat.



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