Building a Recording Studio Help and Advice

February 3, 2023 By admin

Building a Recording Studio Help and Advice

When Building a Recording Studio, Cutting down unwanted sound being captured onto your recordings can be hard to achieve, this is usually done in the practice room by curtains on the walls or egg boxes/ Foam or for the cash-rich musicians… Duct tape over the cracks in the door gaps can help. If you are converting a couple of rooms with stud walls, use acoustic wool to insulate, not to be confused with cavity insulation used for thermal protection as some people have used, this is not as effective in reducing unwanted noise. Studio floor layout

Control booths with windows, usually have double, triple, or quadruple glazing between the live room, other ideas include using cameras and distant rooms with more separation from the control room. It is important to be able to have visual contact with the Music recording studio production live room from the control room, and bands wanting to do live takes as a complete band will need to see the Drummer (who may be in one booth or screened off) and each other along with the singer who is probably in a separate booth all at the same time.

If you have the space, as mentioned above, a separate booth for the Drummer and singer is a good way of getting separation from the main band in your recordings. If you are building a studio from scratch, you will need to consider building all your rooms and booths on a floating floor, this in practical terms means using Neoprene or some type of rubber to lay down on your (usually concrete) floor and build off. No direct contact with the buildings block walls should be made without using rubber mounts or fixings, picture a box within a box without touching any floor, ceiling or sides and you have the idea.



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